Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bhe'st Lasagna is simply the best!

i had this rare chance to eat the famous lasagna in the Metro. it's not from a restaurant but it was home-cooked by a humble housewife. Bhe'st Lasagna, from the nickname of its owner, Rossini Rufon, which had no plans before of turning her recipe into a big business, thanks to the persuasion of her family and friends.
we had a little chitchat over her two best sellers, Chicken and Beef lasagna. it was a guilty sit-down since Holy Week will be coming over. but i couldn't resist from the yummy beef lasagna that i had that time. she didn't mind about revealing her secret. she just devoted her time and love making the lasagna. it was true that when you're happy when you're cooking, a smile is a secret ingredient i guess. 

it was such a blessing for her pursuing the lasagna business. she was able to send her 4 kids to school and in return, they are helping their mom do the lasagna as it also serves as their family time. they even joined expos and bazaars introducing the delicious dish to the people.

Bhe'st Lasagna is also been discovered by local celebrities and voluntarily endorsed to their friends. examples are Snooky Serna and Christine Babao. you can check their Facebook page for other testimonies. i personally love the beef lasagna especially with the cheese sauce and pandesal garlic toast.
Pandesal Garlic Toast (Php 100 / 24pcs)
did you know that you can also customize the lasagna? special requests had Rossini innovate on her own lasagna and make is more special for occasions. you can put a short dedication for the large servings of Bhe'st Lasagna for the person you love.
for orders, you can check here:

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