Sunday, January 19, 2014

REVIEW: HARINA Artisan & Bakery

There are times when I crave for bread and it's just not for the usual staple, I want it with fillings. Sometimes the crumbs and crusts are very tasty and crunchy as I wanted it and almost find nothing nearby.

I had a little shop that I wanted to check out since it opened in November. I always pass by this simple place near White Plains, Katipunan. The little white house called Harina Artisan which welcomes you like you are called in for a short visit to relax, dine and enjoy.
Really feels like home located in the tranquil and interesting Katipunan street that has a fusion of country living in an urban setting. Very accessible for all motorists from Marikina, Pasig and Quezon City, and a great place to hang out  with its comfortable interiors.
When you check their bread, you will ran out of imagination and will just wait for the surprise. When we checked this place out, I was a little sick and the short fun with my friends had it cured. We started with these crunchy baked bread sticks that you'll dip in cheese and chocolate. I thought it was milk but it's equally good.
Then most of the bread dishes are good for sharing. The presentations are very appetizing and it tastes as good as it looks. They put in steak, vegetables, chicken, cheese and more. Served to you like a feast and your tongue and tummy will definitely enjoy. They also serve pasta if you have those Italian tastebuds and all dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients. I forgot to mention that the bread is freshly baked and  handcrafted by their baker masters.
If you have time to visit Harina Artisan, they are already open from 6AM so you can have your yummy breakfast until dinner, 9PM. Call 352-6721 for orders or visit for details.


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