Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#MeatlessMonday at Monsee's

i could possible eat anything. from the simplest to the luxurious food served on the table, i cannot resist unless im full or not really hungry. im not also under strict diet so im welcome to eat whatever's on my plate.

but there's still a healthier option. most of us don't eat vegetables until they realize the importance of it. i learned it earlier on that eating natural food may also increase our life on earth. im not really into reading books about eating healthy but good thing there are people out there that can encourage you to do the right and healthier choices. they explain the reasons why eating vegetables is essential for living and i guess it's the fountain of youth for some. in Monsee's (aka Harina Artisan Bakery), they are very proud to say that they are not just serve bread and very satisfying meals, they also give you an option to try something new and healthy.
Monsee's aka Harina Artisan Bakery
i entitled this post #MeatlessMonday since most of us all start our week with Mondays. people tend to make a change on Mondays, initiate something good on Mondays, etc. and to also spread "vegetarianism" among Filipinos, under the supervision of Atty. Marina Demeterio and Sally Yunez, they developed recipes that even i thought they were hard to resist. very yummy dishes that anyone could ask for more without much of the filling.

i and a couple of friends tried these vegetarian dishes. more from the surprises we had during my first visit at Monsees, the dishes were so delicious and even non-vegetarians can love. once i tried their recipes, this entry is my recommendation that YOU SHOULD REALLY TRY IT! see the photos of the sumptuous meal served here:

you might be interested in some "unusual" dishes like the vegetarian dinuguan in the last photo. even a non-dinuguan eater can eat it since it's not really blood. they also used tofu as meat substitute to retain the "vegetarianism" in the dishes. when we ate it, they are really good.

i am definitely recommending that you try to visit Monsee's. if you want to start eating healthy but have scares in eating vegetables, this is the first step since they are very good. it also gives you a lighter mood when you eat healthy, did you know that? and vegetables are abundant in the country and you will have this concern and care for nature.

if you want to try them, Monsee's is located at Katipunan Rd, near White Plains in Quezon City. and these dishes are not only served on Mondays but for the whole week. they are open upto 9PM, by the way.


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