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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Oishīdesu! Japanese food finds in UP Town Center

Watashi wa nipponshoku o aisuru!

That means I am craving for Japanese food. Where else would I find stylish and authentic Japanese food? In UP Town Center of course.

There are three distinct shops that offer Japanese menu:

Transport yourself to a Japanese village in Dohtonburi restaurant located at the 2nd floor of the North wing of UP Town Center. Plus get your senses ready with the cooking show by the friendly chefs. They are trained by a Japanese chef themselves so you will be served by authentic Japanese dish. I love their Okonomiyaki.
Four Cheese Okonomiyaki
Instagram: @dohtonburiph

If you want it light and on the go, Kumori offers sweet pastries and bread on the go. Come in and the lovely smell of baking goodies cages you in and it's hard to get out.
Instagram: @kumoriph

Ramen Nagi
Everybody knows what Ramen Nagi is. Their very comforting ramen dishes is guaranteed a hit. We went there and the place is full. Same as Dohtonburi, Ramen Nagi transports you to an old Japanese era where you can eat like a samurai.
Instagram: @ramennagimanila

Duomo Arigatou to Daily Palate and UP Town Center for having us. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Where to eat pizza in UP Town Center?

When craving for something round, rich in toppings and flavors, PIZZA for short, I don't have to go far. Katipunan itself, particularly in UP Town Center has a variety of restaurants that provide good slices of flavorful pizzas. Residents as well as students from nearby universities can enjoy the tastes in less than a 20-min drive.

Pizzeria Amore
Located near the cinemas in UP Town Center, Pizzeria Amore cooks its pizza from firewood in a customized brick oven. Watch the chefs knead the dough and put the toppings. Perfect smokey-ness of pizza is ready in just minutes for you to enjoy.
Instagram: @pizzeriaamoreph

Get your hands on numerous pizza flavors from Pezzo. Aside from its pizza offerings, the playful and IG-worthy carnival backdrop is worth a snapshot. They also offer thick slices, different pizza flavors in one plate, you name it.
Instagram: @pezzoph

Peperoni Trattoria
If you need more space than Pezzo, go to Peperoni Trattoria. Its comfortable space can accommodate big groups while you feast your eyes on great interiors. The chefs are also friendly and a pizza making show awaits you at the counter. They serve great pizza and pasta too.
Instagram: @peperoniph

Friuli Trattoria
Coming from the famous Maginhawa Street in Quezon City, Friuli Trattoria takes its place in UP Town Center to open its doors to people who can't come to Maginhawa. From the owners who just love food, Friuli makes an Italian ambience with its murals and pizza and pasta offerings.
Check out Friuli's price list
Instagram: @friuli_trattoria

Thursday, August 17, 2017

unlimited food in Gastro Park Infinity

It seems that there's an ongoing competition between food establishments giving unlimited food to customers. But then I found this nook within Kapitolyo, Pasig City that all of the stalls in the food park offer unlimited orders at an affordable price. The place is in Gastro Park Infinity, located at 1st Street, near San Rafael St, Kapitolyo district.
Gastro Park Infinity Facade

We toured around 10 establishments located in the nook and found out that all of them are offering unlimited orders on their special items. Let's take a tour one by one.

Taipei Kita - inspired by Taiwanese cuisine with a Filipino pun, Taipei Kita is the easiest to find as it stands on the entrance of Gastro Park. Taste Taiwan's street food and home to the Fried Giant Squid (Php 140) and US Beef Cubes (Php 120). Care for unlimited Fried Tofu with specialty sauce?
Metro Meat Express - the only truck establishment in the area, this serves Filipino delicacies with a modern gourmet twist. For their unlimited offers, try the Tanker Longsilog and Crispy Bacon Strips for Php 249 each.
Tokyo Tempura - ohayou gozaimasu! Fried goodness with a twist. I tried their Salted Egg Tempura which has a rich salted egg flavor with nori strips. The most affordable tempura I've seen so far. And for a unli treat, order tempura for only Php 199!
Tolyo's - international flavors fused with our local delicacies. Barbecues, grilled items, soups and rice -- that's what Tolyo's has to offer. And for an exciting test, we tried their Carolina Reaper BBQ challenge which is the spiciest there is. A gallon of iced tea is no match for it. UNLI OFFER: Grilled Liempo for Php 249
Ball Shack - Our favorite Asian street food dishes goes in one humble counter in Gastro Park. Ball Shack offers premium homemade ball snack with savory sauces that we can all enjoy. And what's a good Pinoy can enjoy? Unlimited FISH BALLS for only Php 138 so bring your friends. ;)
Brick Plate - making it authentic and locking in the flavor whether it's pizza, pasta or ribs. Brick Plate is next on our list and home to their best seller, the Baby Back Ribs. Unlimited pasta is checked off the bucket list for only Php 250.
Surfries! - Continue the tour with surprising fries fest. How can we not love a universal pica pica with a delicious flavor in Surfries? Sweet Corn Fries which is also new to me is only Php 99 for unlimited serving.
Dimsum 777 - This Chinese stop can cater to your Chinese food cravings at an affordable prize. The Sharksfin with fried rice is a satisfactory choice. Or bet on the common pantawid-gutom Siomai rice for only Php 189 on unlimited serving.
Chixy 9 - No avian flu here, just delicious chicken in gravy to partner with rice or enjoy their flavored chicken wings in garlic parmesan, hot buffalo or soy garlic flavors -- unlimited for only Php 249.
The Masala Bar - Gastro Park is truly an international spot where you can also enjoy the rich Indian culture at The Masala Bar. Enjoy quesadillas and their Chicken Tikka Wrap for unlimited serving at Php 249.
Japbox - Another Japanese stop at the Gastro Park is Japbox which offers rice bowls, noodle bowls, sushi, wagyu sticks and more. Why not try their unlimited Gyoza w/ Misono vegetables and rice for Php 199 (unlimited) or Tonkatsu w/ Misono Vegetables and rice for Php 289?

Sweet Nothing - It is best to finish with great dessert after a nice heavy meal. They provide the drinks (Bottomless iced tea: Php 120) for the whole food park and also serves milkshakes, waffle cones, ice cream cones, cotton candy soda, waffle ice cream sandwiches and more!

Try their bestsellers: Molten Lava Cake shake, Smores Shake or Cookie Monster Waffle for Php 130.

Monday, August 14, 2017

WINGSHACK PH is a whacking goodness

The first time I tried the Truck Park in Marikina City in support of a good friend. He is the owner of WingShack, one of the tenants offering chicken wings at a very affordable price. You can't fail to find it as it was directly in front of the entrance.
But first, you need to need to get a Load Card at the Cashier which you can use to avail the goods inside Truck Park. Then we tried two of WingShack's best-sellers, the Cheesy Jalapeno and the Xavian Wings.

I admit that I have low heat tolerance so I cannot finish a whole serving of Cheesy Jalapeno. I'd love it for the cheese. And besides, WingShack is very generous with their water so I can just chase for the pail for a gulp of cold water. The Xavian Wings is an original recipe. It has the perfect crispiness but tender and juicy chicken flesh drenched in a sweet and salty medley. Definitely a must-try.

You can find more about the items of WingShack here:
For more info about WingShack, you can visit their Facebook page or follow their IG @wingshackph.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Indulge. After All, you deserve it.

There's a young bistro located at SM Jazz Mall in Makati City where you can spend good times with friends; eat meals, snacks or pica-picas and have a party till you drop. After All, as what the name suggests, lets you enjoy wonderful moments and unwind, after all, it's a place for food and fun.
After All was started by a group of friends who felt that fun and business can go together, that friendship should last forever, and that a bar-resto set up can best achieve this objective, where there is good food, good music and good laughter.

The group named this place After All to commemorate all those years that they've been together, through thick and thin, and still enjoying good times together. It's a watering hole, a meeting place for friends, a place to talk about old jokes and funny things in the past, and what else to do "after all we've been through."

A simple dining experience that is suitable to all individuals or groups. A bar welcomes you at the entrance while you listen to good music, especially live performances by night time. Enjoy the bands performing on schedule. And of course, they will definitely play After All by Cher and Peter Cetera to complete every night for your sing-along fix.
Enjoy Piano Nights every Sunday with old favorites by the owners.

A good place compliments good food in After All. The menu is driven by inspirations and culinary skills by the owners, sharing their love for food to visitors which they also consider friends.
After All's Bar Counter
Calibre, After Sunset, Whiskey Tango

Crispy Pata and Romanian Deviled Squid
Saikoro Steak Skewers, Tuna Salpicao, Seafood Teppanyaki

Tiger Prawn Tempura, Waikiki Ribs, Crunchy Chicharones Pork Sisig
Spend good times with friends and family at After All. Whether you live from SM Jazz residences or nearby, you'll definitely have a good time. It is located at 235 Ground Floor, Jazz Mall, Nicanor Garcia Cor. Jupiter St., Makati. #GoodTimesAfterAll