• Where to eat when you're in Baguio City?

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pasalubong finds in Baguio City

You definitely have something to take home when you've been someplace, that is a big Filipino character. And during our tour in Baguio City, two places should not be missed: Tartland Baguio Pasarabo and Good Shepherd Convent.
We stopped over at a place where a common delicacy is made: lengua. There's no other place in Baguio that creates a crispy, milky and delicious lengua than in Tartland. We almost got lost driving to Tartland but the journey was worth it because we are about to meticulous review how their famous lengua is made and reaches to our palate.

The working area is very sanitized and the workers are well equipped and neat. From a simple mixer turned into massive machines for big production now displayed at the developed facility just a meter from the owner's home.
The mixer and syringe pioneering the Tartland business
Workers and baking oven
After a few talks and a visit inside the factory, we are so lucky that the owner let us taste the product fresh from the oven. There are a few overcooked lengua and I prefer them than the lighter ones. But every jar of lengua you buy from the market or pasalubong store, they are guaranteed fresh from the oven and tastes so good.
Another pasalubong find from Baguio is the Good Shepherd Convent that produces the famous ube. Most people want this from any tourist who goes to Baguio. Overseeing the Mines View from the convent, (by the way, the place is also managed by nuns) you can stroll along while some of your companions may be queuing for jars and jars of ube which costs Php200 each. Enjoy the view or buy, you will be satisfied. Also for every purchase, you help Cordillera youth with their studies.
I really have to bring something home because I wanted to.
While the dark seeps in and it's nighttime in Baguio City, we are about to get scared. Follow the #aftersummer trail.

What to eat in Baguio City's "Slaughterhouse?"

Find comfort in Baguio City's slaughterhouse. Though the  name has an uneasy feeling but the meals are perfect for beer-moments even. If  you want to have a dive on warm soup with a lot of memories as your pasalubong, Balajadia Restaurant is the place to be.
The entrance welcomes you with a smoking grill and boiling large pot of papaitan luring you into this humble restaurant.
Just beside a public market, the place is forgivable to be clean and efficient. They serve barbecue, warm soup dishes and the price is very affordable. But note of these dishes for your next Baguio City visit: liempo, bulalo, papaitan and BnB.
The liempo has a special blood sauce, just like the sauce from the local dinuguan. I cannot imagine the combination at first but it tastes great. While the bulalo and papaitan are regular inuman session dishes, we are greatly curious of what BnB is.
Liempo with blood sauce
Standing for Butt and Balls, yes this dish is made of pork butt and balls that are somehow awkward to eat. Cooked like asado but more tender than meat. Try it soon.

Monday, June 29, 2015

authentic Igorot dishes in Cafe Yagam

Travel is not complete without food. And for every place you visit, you'll learn more of the culture. During our #aftersummer #groupgetaway in Baguio City, courtesy of Azalea Residences, we get more acquainted with the locals by trying their own dishes. These dishes are served fresh warm in Cafe Yagam.

We are totally feeling the cold weather in Baguio and it was raining outside. Cafe Yagam, was just a humble 2-storey house converted to a restaurant. The fireplace warms down the cooling climate and even made cozier by the owner of the place, Miss Poleen Carla Rosito, that welcomed us cheerfully.
Then the food is served. They taught us how natives prepare these food and why they are made. Mostly these dishes are served in big tribe gatherings or offered in rituals and later consumed.
Blood Sausage
You'd better be careful of what you put in your mouth. If you can't tolerate exotic dishes like these, Cafe Yagam also serve normal food in the menu. But the experience trying these are priceless. They also come best with rice wine, also called tapuy, to draw heat to your esophagus down.
Cafe Yagam is located at 25 J. Felipe St., Gibraltar, Baguio City. You can also call them at these numbers: +63 948 9585 157 or +63 946 4550 364.

Cafe Yagam was our last stop for the first day in the Baguio City group getaway. Click here to continue the tour.

Casa Vallejo's HILL STATION

After we are done with the short photo session at Mt. Cloud, I got a bit hungry and I don't have to trod longer because Casa Vallejo offers another surprise within its doors. The Hill Station serves more than just the ambiance of Baguio City, it also provides delectable desserts that we have to try.

Stepping into the cafe gives a very homey feeling. The shiny wooden floors reminds you that you are in a great country getaway. Welcoming us at the counter is a shelf of yummy desserts and I said to myself that I have to stay and try one of those.
Exit Mt Cloud to the right and enter Hill Station's Cafe Area
The dining area is a great ballroom overlooking Session Road and when you turn around is a huge staircase leading to the quarters also available for tourists. Its walls are decorated by old photos by which if they can talk, you will learn more of the history of the place and appreciate the heritage it offers.
We stopped in Hill Station longer and ordered yummy desserts. It is not too pricey and I was really satisfied with my Chocolate Lemon Tart. The citrus kick at every bite is very interesting and smooth. Perfect to match with a steaming Cordillera Coffee.
Clockwise from top right: Chocolate Lemon Tart, Lemon Meringue, Cordillera Coffee and Chocolate Cake
After this break, we went back to Azalea Residences and we formally started our itinerary for the next 2 days. Please click here.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Earthlingorgeous' Clara Ole Potluck Foodfest

Glad to know that my one of my blogger friends Earth of Earthlingorgeous.com hosts her party with fellow bloggers. And it's also made possible with Clara Ole.
She is one of the Clara Ole ambassadors making food extra special with Clara Ole products. We are served with different dishes all made with fresh ingredients, and even made more delicious with Clara Ole. Earth did 2 of them and we almost didn't notice because they looked like they're made by a pro chef.
Hickory Pork Barbecue
Tuna Potato Salad
Orange Glazed Chicken
Summer Tomato Pasta
Blueberry Baked Muffins   
Everything was yummy and the best thing is that I can go back to the buffet and get more.

We also got to learn some plating techniques from Chef DJ and food photography by Mike which I can now apply on future gatherings.

It was not just an feast but everybody got well acquainted with each other. I didn't realize that it was supposed to be a singles event but I had a lot of fun. Way to go Earth! Congratulations and thank you for the invitation and the loot that I was able to bring home.