• Food Panda Maginhawa Food Tour

    We strolled along Maginhawa Street, Quezon City to try the best food finds with Food Panda. Maginhawa Street has become famous with its array of food finds from different cuisines. Surprisingly, aside from family businesses, young entrepreneurs run their establishments through creative imagination and identifying their own market.

  • Beeffalo by Hot Rocks

    My first time at a new dining place which is surprisingly near to our house. Just located within 1km from my place and it's so easy to locate. The place is called Beeffalo -- the backyard grill by Hot Rocks.

  • Brooklyn's N. Domingo branch is now open!

    Pizza that is right to the bite and taste has opened its doors for the residents of San Juan. Brooklyn's has inaugurated their newest branch in Madison Square Garden, N. Domingo St, in front of Little Baguio Terraces for those craving tummies.

  • Bhe'st Lasagna is simply the best!

    i had this rare chance to eat the famous lasagna in the Metro. it's not from a restaurant but it was home-cooked by a humble housewife. Bhe'st Lasagna, from the nickname of its owner, Rossini Rufon, which had no plans before of turning her recipe into a big business, thanks to the persuasion of her family and friends.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Quezon City Lechon Festival 2015 set

The City Government of Quezon City in cooperation with QC Tourism Council invite everyone to indulge again in the biggest festival of roasted pig, also known as the famous "lechon."
The city's renowned La Loma Lechoneros, Inc. will parade in the streets of La Loma, home of the world's best pig and they will be enjoyed the waiting expectators.
This is an annual event as anticipated by locals and tourists as whole lechons assemble in the streets dressed up in different characters. There are more programs in store for visitors like band performances and fireworks display. Locals also compete in the street dance competition.
Photo from www.skyscanner.com.ph

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fast food summer desserts in the Philippines

Though the weather department doesn't officially announce summer, I can already feel the heat and it makes me crave for cold desserts. Good thing that there are available fast food chains around and all I have to do is to satisfy my cravings to beat the heat. I found 3 items from 3 famous food chains of the Philippines and are new experiments of the traditional items that we all love: ICE CREAM and HALO-HALO.

Now I would like to share to you (in case you haven't tried them yet) my opinions on these three desserts. First, I tried them because of the inviting food styling visuals that are presented at their counters.
Mang Inasal's Crema De Leche
Topping ice shavings, this babe puts sweetened bananas, macapuno strips and leche flan. Drizzled with milk. Each piece is soft, chewy and just the right sweetness that's why I loved it. Though it would be better if you mix it well first before you indulge. The leche flan is very delicious, probably made with just egg yolks that's why it tastes very special.
Tokyo Tokyo's Salted Caramel Snow Ice
Tried the Nutty Caramel variant. The ice shavings are so fine that you can almost feel like it's ice cream. It is also like the ice is made up of caramel already before serving. Who knows but the kitchen crew right?
Jollibee's Reese's Mix-ins 
Tried this because I just love Reese's. Only topped on your regular vanilla ice cream.

So what have you tried this summer?

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Food Panda Maginhawa Food Crawl Part 6: MOONLEAF

And now, we are at the last stop of our food crawl. Finally! We had some "panulak" after a lot of stuffing during the whole day of yumminess. Across Cocina Juan is Moonleaf Tea. A popular place for college hangouts since Maginhawa Street is nearby three colleges: Ateneo De Manila University, Miriam College and University of the Philippines. A drive won't be too long to reach this area.
I ordered Wintermelon Milktea as it is Moonleaf's specialty. Most of us did.
What excites me the most are their collectibles available. I focused on the slam book that has very entertaining questions that you could be thinking twice before you answer them.
I think the slum book is a good Christmas gift idea for those who are parting ways or just to know an individual more personally while enjoying their company. I want one!

Relax at Moonleaf Tea Shop or order drinks using the Food Panda app. So far, delivery is only available within 5km radius from the place, I think. Available in Google Play or App Store. You can also order online, rate the restaurants or ask for delivery.

Moonleaf Tea Shop is located at 103 Maginhawa street, UP Teacher's Village, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. Open from 9AM to 12AM. You may also contact 4130274 for orders. Visit http://moonleafteashop.com/ for more details.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Food Panda Maginhawa Food Crawl Part 5: COCINA JUAN

We're almost done with our food crawl and yes we're still crawling to our next destination. We're still too early at what's supposed to be a dinner spree. We headed to Cocina Juan. We are really that full but still managed to leave some space of what's ahead of us.
A small space but it feels very comfortable. Interiors are quite homey like grandma's house. And then you'll more of their generous serving. Have these dishes with Cucumber Lemonade.
But what excites me more is their adjacent store called Cupcakes by Gremlins. The dessert area is different from other cupcake stores. They serve their cupcakes in a special wooden tray which makes the presentation more special.
This is Dulce De Leche cupcake, thanks for the complimentary for us to taste. It is not so sweet that is why I liked it so much. Plus price is very reasonable so you can order as much as you want and give to your friends or family.

Enjoy the posh Cocina Juan dishes using the Food Panda app. So far, delivery is only available within 5km radius from the place, I think. Available in Google Play or App Store. You can also order online, rate the restaurants or ask for delivery.

Cocina Juan is located at 100 Maginhawa St., Teacher's Village, Quezon City, Philippines. Open from 11AM to 10PM. You may also contact 4343911 for orders.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Food Panda Maginhawa Food Crawl Part 4: BIG B

Our fourth stop takes us to Big B burger joint. Just a few steps away from Homies and we think that we need some cardio, restaurant after restaurant. Stepping into this place is like a maze and it's something unusual from the regular burger places I have been.
The owners are quite young and they just love to eat. I cannot say much about the place but it's exceptional. A great hangout for the young blood and those who just want to chill out. It's kind of dim tough not much ventilated. But their burgers are worth the try.
Big B knows how to talk about burgers and they have their unique kind of serving. When they BIG, they definitely mean big. Their burgers are beyond imagination when it comes to size. And it's a meat lover's mecca if I should say. Enjoy their Big B, Bongga and Bam burgers that are just so tasty and affordable.
Big B Burger
Bongga Burger
Bam Burger
For an extra treat, love the special entertainment by ordering Pink Potion with Feelings. It's for you to find out what those feelings are.
Pink Potion with Feelings
If this were the only place for our food tour, we might have enjoyed our stay. We are so full and we didn't have so much room. We are still up for another yummy destination. Find more yummy finds in Big B here.

Chomp these big burgers easy using the Food Panda app. So far, delivery is only available within 5km radius from the place, I think. Available in Google Play or App Store. You can also order online, rate the restaurants or ask for delivery.

Big B is located at 44B Magiting Street, Teachers' Village, Quezon City. Open from 12PM to 10PM. You may also contact 09175941260 for orders.