Wednesday, January 8, 2014

An "ALL YOU CAN EAT" happening at Figaro

'Twas the time after the holidays but it's no excuse to eat something good... again. Splurge in an unlimited food offering with yummy pastas and sandwiches in Figaro as we welcome the new year. In the celebration of their 20th year in the industry, they launched "ALL YOU CAN EAT" that will make your weekday nights busog and busolved for just P299 per head.

Choose any combination of pasta-sandwich, pasta-pasta or sandwich-sandwich in this choices. You can also choose another pasta or sandwich on your next serving so you can try all other dishes. And your food is also served with UNLIMITED LEMONADE that is perfect to soothe your thirsty throat:
Grilled Chicken
Tuna and Cheese
Al Tonno
Grilled Eggplant
For 2 rounds of the plate, here's what I ordered:
Al Tonno + Tuna and Cheese sandwich / Arrabiatta pasta + Grilled Eggplant sandwich
By the way, I really loved Arrabiatta's tomato based sauce and it's not too heavy. Grilled Eggplant sandwich is perfect for those going vegetarian and it's light on the stomach too.

The food promo is available from Mondays-Friday, 6PM-9PM at participating Figaro stores. But just a few reminder to those who dine and avail of the promo:
The promo started last Monday, January 6 and will effective until February 25, 2014. I'm planning to go back again soon so I can try another pasta and sandwich.


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