Saturday, July 18, 2015

first XILAIMEN Seafood Restaurant opens in Robinsons Magnolia

It was a long busy day and it was just after my Baguio stint and I was thankful to be invited by one of my friends from the said tour. The newest restaurant resting at the center of the Robinsons Magnolia is Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant.
Ms. Andrea Joyce Ng-Wen
Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant opened July 19 this year and is located fronting the ice cream house at the ground floor of Robinsons Magnolia and serves authentic Chinese seafood dishes that are rich and flavorful. The place is also very cozy for family gatherings, dates and reunions.
According to Ms. Andrea Joyce Ng-Wen, “Xilaimen means happiness in Chinese and this is what we want for the customers to experience whenever they dine in at our restaurant.” “An ambiance of joy as they enter the restaurant,” added by Ms. Wen. Not only with the restaurant but with the food that is served as well. By doing so, it makes the food experience more fun and enjoyable, more enticing for everyone to go back and have an exquisite dining experience.

The food are overwhelming with flavor and generous servings and are very affordable. We were served with these amazing dishes that made it a night full of flavor.
Mixed Seafood with Polonchay Soup
Lapu-Lapu in Egg White
Sauteed Fried Crabs with Sotanghon
Elephant Shell with Broccoli Flower in XO Sauce
Cold Cuts
There are defnitely more in store and I returned to Xilaimen for dinner and spent only around Php1000, which is already reasonable for these dishes. And they're good for 2-3 persons.
Clockwise from left (Fresh Shrimp in XO Sauce with Broccoli Sauce, Special Seafood Hotpot, Yang Chow Fried Rice)
I'm really sure that these dishes are prepared clean and added with love before it gets to the plate. The experience on the mouth and inside the restaurant is really worth-spending.

Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant is located at the Upper Ground Floor, Al Fresco, Robinsons Magnolia, New Manila, Quezon City with telephone number (02) 720-97-25.

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