Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#CheesePaMore: Gardenia's spin-off to old favorites

I love cheese and I hope I get to bring cheese anywhere I go. And thank Gardenia that they released new products that are so convenient and still lives to its yummy goodness. And they are not just filled with cheese, they are old-time favorites for me.

I brought Gardenia Toasties at the office for my break time snack and I didn't know that it was one of the new Gardenia products. It's crunchy and cheese-filled goodness that I cannot stop munching on. It is so convenient to bring so you can have it also while at home, school or on the road. You can also serve it with coffee or at any given occasion. Did you know that it also comes with Crunchy Buttered Toast variant?
For those who watch their weights, figures and health, Gardenia Toasties has 0% transfat. Now I wonder if I can mix it with salads or soups for that extra texture.

Another thing in the cheesy goodness is the Gardenia Cheese Buns. This is definitely I remember back in my high school days when we take a break. But Gardenia's version is soft and cheesy and again, transfat-free! Gardenia promises that their products are baked to goodness with fresh ingredients and keeping them flavorful with every bite. Cheese Buns lives to Gardenia's tagline, "Masarap kahit walang palaman."

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  1. Awesome Bread, never a common taste in this one, so awesome and affordable.. Taste so good that the smell of this makes my butterfly tummy so happy, to share it with my family and friends is the nicest thing ever.. I always purchase a lot of this at that has a good quality service.. Thanks gardenia for being a part of my daily life..


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