Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pasalubong finds in Baguio City

You definitely have something to take home when you've been someplace, that is a big Filipino character. And during our tour in Baguio City, two places should not be missed: Tartland Baguio Pasarabo and Good Shepherd Convent.
We stopped over at a place where a common delicacy is made: lengua. There's no other place in Baguio that creates a crispy, milky and delicious lengua than in Tartland. We almost got lost driving to Tartland but the journey was worth it because we are about to meticulous review how their famous lengua is made and reaches to our palate.

The working area is very sanitized and the workers are well equipped and neat. From a simple mixer turned into massive machines for big production now displayed at the developed facility just a meter from the owner's home.
The mixer and syringe pioneering the Tartland business
Workers and baking oven
After a few talks and a visit inside the factory, we are so lucky that the owner let us taste the product fresh from the oven. There are a few overcooked lengua and I prefer them than the lighter ones. But every jar of lengua you buy from the market or pasalubong store, they are guaranteed fresh from the oven and tastes so good.
Another pasalubong find from Baguio is the Good Shepherd Convent that produces the famous ube. Most people want this from any tourist who goes to Baguio. Overseeing the Mines View from the convent, (by the way, the place is also managed by nuns) you can stroll along while some of your companions may be queuing for jars and jars of ube which costs Php200 each. Enjoy the view or buy, you will be satisfied. Also for every purchase, you help Cordillera youth with their studies.
I really have to bring something home because I wanted to.
While the dark seeps in and it's nighttime in Baguio City, we are about to get scared. Follow the #aftersummer trail.


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