Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What to eat in Baguio City's "Slaughterhouse?"

Find comfort in Baguio City's slaughterhouse. Though the  name has an uneasy feeling but the meals are perfect for beer-moments even. If  you want to have a dive on warm soup with a lot of memories as your pasalubong, Balajadia Restaurant is the place to be.
The entrance welcomes you with a smoking grill and boiling large pot of papaitan luring you into this humble restaurant.
Just beside a public market, the place is forgivable to be clean and efficient. They serve barbecue, warm soup dishes and the price is very affordable. But note of these dishes for your next Baguio City visit: liempo, bulalo, papaitan and BnB.
The liempo has a special blood sauce, just like the sauce from the local dinuguan. I cannot imagine the combination at first but it tastes great. While the bulalo and papaitan are regular inuman session dishes, we are greatly curious of what BnB is.
Liempo with blood sauce
Standing for Butt and Balls, yes this dish is made of pork butt and balls that are somehow awkward to eat. Cooked like asado but more tender than meat. Try it soon.


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