Monday, June 29, 2015

authentic Igorot dishes in Cafe Yagam

Travel is not complete without food. And for every place you visit, you'll learn more of the culture. During our #aftersummer #groupgetaway in Baguio City, courtesy of Azalea Residences, we get more acquainted with the locals by trying their own dishes. These dishes are served fresh warm in Cafe Yagam.

We are totally feeling the cold weather in Baguio and it was raining outside. Cafe Yagam, was just a humble 2-storey house converted to a restaurant. The fireplace warms down the cooling climate and even made cozier by the owner of the place, Miss Poleen Carla Rosito, that welcomed us cheerfully.
Then the food is served. They taught us how natives prepare these food and why they are made. Mostly these dishes are served in big tribe gatherings or offered in rituals and later consumed.
Blood Sausage
You'd better be careful of what you put in your mouth. If you can't tolerate exotic dishes like these, Cafe Yagam also serve normal food in the menu. But the experience trying these are priceless. They also come best with rice wine, also called tapuy, to draw heat to your esophagus down.
Cafe Yagam is located at 25 J. Felipe St., Gibraltar, Baguio City. You can also call them at these numbers: +63 948 9585 157 or +63 946 4550 364.

Cafe Yagam was our last stop for the first day in the Baguio City group getaway. Click here to continue the tour.


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