Monday, December 1, 2014

Food Panda Maginhawa Food Crawl Part 1: KATZ DINER

Had a chance to get into another food tour. This time within a neighborhood street that gets its name from very nice Pinoy characteristics. Maginhawa Street has become famous with its array of food finds from different cuisines. Surprisingly, aside from family businesses, young entrepreneurs run their establishments through creative imagination and identifying their own market. And the great thing about it is that the whole neighborhood agrees to deliver the same thing, TO FEED PEOPLE. And Food Panda, the food app, takes us all to 5 different food finds and at the end of the day, we were literally crawling, as what the title says.

Waking up early and not having breakfast would not be the best idea but a great preparation for what's ahead. Since we had 5 destinations, we started breakfast at Katz Diner. Located at #48 Malingap St., Sikatuna Village, QC. Just 50 steps away from Maginhawa St. and we're ready to dig in. I did not find it difficult to locate, thanks to internet technology.

Can fit around 15-20 people inside, and 6-8 more outside, the simple yet inviting diner is also home for theater lovers like me. Playing theatrical music, I was singing along. I guess the owner is a Broadway fan and included in the playlist are songs from Rent, Wicked, Jersey Boys, Lion King, Les Mis, and more. The decor also explained it too.
As all bloggers arrive, we are served with different breakfast specials and we are all willing to share every piece to one another. I am overwhelmed with the servings. All were nicely crafted and they smelled good too. For 4 of us sharing in one plate, we almost forgot that we have more destinations after that and one cup of rice is not enough. We had omelettes, barbecue, tapa, longganisa, and even if it's too early for crispy pata, we tried it.The -silog meals are awesome and best to partner with Rose tea with real rose petals or milk tea which they also offer.
To cap it off, their newest lava cake is to crave for. For only P100, the plate of oozing chocolate is hindi nakakasuya. If I was not full, I could have eaten the whole thing to neutralize my grumbling stomach with meat. I really enjoyed my breakfast and perked me up big time for the big day.

Food Panda lets everyone enjoy Katz Diner meals via delivery. So far, delivery is only available within 5km radius from the place, I think. But you can also try other restaurants without leaving your home via Food Panda app. Available in Google Play or ITunes. You can also order online, rate the restaurants or ask for delivery.

Katz Diner is located at 48 Malingap St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. Open 7AM-10PM everyday. You may call (02) 4350933 for orders.

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