Sunday, November 16, 2014

Beeffalo by Hot Rocks

My first time at a new dining place which is surprisingly near to our house. Just located within 1km from my place and it's so easy to locate. The place is called Beeffalo -- the backyard grill by Hot Rocks. Owned by foodies, Louie Abad and wife, the idea and experience of putting up a business in Marikina is a surprise. They are not from Marikina and the risk of placing the business there is a blessing. Funny thing is that even the residents themselves don't know such place exist.
Unnoticeable at first, the cozy ambiance of Beeffalo is often mistaken as a humble bungalow with a nightly party and barbecue setup on weekends. Just like the old times, you can relax in the al fresco or enjoy the cool air-conditioned interiors. Go vintage with record labels and the Vespa motorcycle and have that Grease feel. The best of it, the place is guaranteed clean.
Beeffalo interiors
Beeffalo Barbecue Backyard
Serving originally American cuisine, the business expanded by adding Italian dishes like pasta and pizza. What's more amazing is that they added isaw to the list. Don't see it as a posh diner because the price list is so affordable. Click here for the menu:
Their best-selling Baby Back Ribs and Steak are really to dine for! The marinade is very tasty and it sinks in the meat. Side dishes are served fresh and soups are not too hot to slurp in. Enjoy it with their Java rice or bread and you'll be very satisfied. Louie also told us that one guest frequents the place and orders a huge slob of ribs for himself. I envy that guy.
Beeffalo is truly one great discovery in Marikina. Take Marikina Sports Park, along Sumulong Highway, as your starting point. Go straight and turn the first left to Gil Fernando Avenue. Move along until passing Marikina Engineering Dept, and find Beeffalo at your left. From Marcos Highway, take Gil Fernando Avenue. Go straight passing Blue Wave Mall (Marquinton) and Marikina Engineering Department.


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