Friday, March 8, 2013

Chef opens the Spring and Summer Collection

in honor of design and of good health, Chef now offers its Spring and Summer collection of entrees for all walks of life. the tasty home-made dishes done in a contemporary way will surely entice those who love food and those who like to relax.
awake your senses with their warm Pancit Molo. a well-seasoned lean ground pork wrapped in homemade wonton wrapper. simmered to perfection in stock from scratch. a single sip would make you go for more while its best served hot.
a very refreshing Vietnamese Spring Roll is a unique reinvention of the Filipino staple Adobo. where its flakes, rolled with rice vermicelli, basil, mint and lettuce wrapped in rice paper wrapper gives the palate a surprise when dipped in peanut hoi sin sauce. soft from the outside with a kick of crunch in the inside is a very entertaining treat. first to my taste is a grain-like Quinoa Salad. mini seed-like matter seasoned with sweetness of maybe honey and vinegar with a hint of chili would give you a curious smile.
stuffed chicken is not just for Christmas. you can enjoy it anytime with Chef go all the way of tenderness of boneless chicken stuffed wit meat and vegetables baked to perfection, served with its own dripping made into gravy with pickled squash and kamote puree.
the Filipino table is not identified without the Kare-kare. in their seafood version, you won't need any of bagoong for siding because you'll love it better with the sweet peanut sauce on its own. more of healthy and light, Chef offers this as opening for the Lenten season where everyone is conscious about eating meat.
but if you love pork so much, the Pork Binagoongan is a must-try. this soft meat can be cut by a spoon, melting in your mouth and a sweet satisfaction is guaranteed. it is cooked with devoted time and deglazed with sate. best to eat with grilled eggplant and steamy rice.
please reserve a space for dessert with their Chocolate Raspberry Mousse. Hershey's chocolate cream at the bottom with the soft raspberry mousse on top is to adore.
Chef is another business venture with renowned fashion designer, Randy Ortiz. from a person who deals with fashion, he is a self-confessed food lover, not very picky and non-discriminating. graduating from De La Salle University of Hotel and Restaurant Management, food has been around him for quite sometime. his business partner, Chef Bernard Banares, a former professional model and studied culinary in various schools like Le Cordon Bleu, put out the stories of the food served above with his exceptional skills in cooking. with much knowledge Chef Bernard has gained from studying, he still devoted his cooking to Asian fusion that the restaurant serves.

Randy Ortiz and Bernard Banares
the vision of the two has gave birth to Chef, a cozy place to relax and enjoy the food with your friends. a spacious area well-lit and very comfortable. displaying cleanliness in design with a see-through kitchen.

Chef is found at Unit A, Greenbelt Radissons 7, 106 Aguirre St., Legaspi Village, Makati City. you can call 7519415 loc 222 for reservations or orders.


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