Wednesday, February 27, 2013

GONUTS DONUTS now serves Highlands Coffee

in ten years in the industry of doughnuts category, Filipino-owned GONUTS DONUTS forged partnership with Vietnamese brand, Highlands Coffee, to be served now in their branches nationwide. this new partnership is along with the innovative ideas of owner Tina Lagdameo to combine their doughnuts with a perfect blend of coffee.
the marriage of two countries were made possible since June 2012 by IP Ventures Group, one of the largest investment establishments in the Philippines and with over 10 brands in its portfolio. one of which is Netopia, which will soon revamp its atmosphere for video gamers and will soon serve Highlands Coffee available to customers. the test drive of Gonuts Donuts and Highlands Coffee has invited more customers to enjoy this fantastic treat.

GONUTS DONUTS started in 2003 with its first branch in Bonifacio High Street and continued its success in other areas nationwide. and this year, they are expecting the opening of 6 branches in key cities in the Philippines. and they continue to innovate great products that will satisfy and reach craving customers. it was also very wise to take charge of the venture with the professionals and the family who started it, as asserted by IPVentures' Chief Investment Officer, Cary Lagdameo.

Tina and Cary Lagdameo
continued patronage with Gonuts Donuts has gained popularity in their own flavors. like the Pastillas and Durian donuts. a new variety, the Pizza Donut is a courageous innovation -- shaped like a donut but enjoyed as a pizza.

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