Saturday, December 1, 2012

collecting RISE OF THE GUARDIANS with McDonalds Happy Meal

i really loved the movie RISE OF THE GUARDIANS and we look forward to the merchandise that comes with the movie. and i got even more excited when McDonalds released their Rise of the Guardians toys in every Happy Meal.

of course, the Guardians, North, Tooth, Jack Frost, Sandy and Easter are in their fighting form and they were joined by an Elf. it would be a great idea to collect as many elves as you can so you can put tassels on them and hang them by your Christmas Tree.

The 5 Guardians

Elves in 3 faces
i just ordered the burger Happy Meal since it was the cheapest. but im loving my toys and really, i will collect as much elves as i can. since there is many McDonalds branches near our place, i can just drop in and buy any Happy Meal or order for delivery at 8-6236.


  1. You can also just buy the toys separately, without the happy meal.

    1. yeah, but i think it's better to get burgers for everyone. :)


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