Sunday, December 2, 2012

know your teas with THOUSAND TEAS

we've known tea as a natural fighter for illnesses like heart diseases and certain cancers. we also know the flavors infused in every bag calms and relaxes the body and increases metabolism. the tea cup you're enjoying right now might have a lot of benefits you didn't know. just check from what tea leaf it came from as THOUSAND TEAS Tea House explains it to us.
teas generally came from Asia in countries with high altitudes like China, India and Japan and some parts of Europe. and they came from different tea leaves to identify with the different strengths. white, green and black teas were taken from different sections of the tea plant and then later infused with flavors like jasmin, peppermint and others.

it was before a drink for the royalty as served in ceremonials. in a short demo, owner Gilbert Jim showed how tea ceremonials were done. little that we knew that the first pour would just be for washes, [haha!] and then each cup will be washed in another cup to wash away dust particles. before you drink it, it already cleans.
THOUSAND TEAS blends also present teas from the plant to your cup. they serve brews of your choice in special pots infusing the flavor in warm water for that relaxing taste. the timeless blends Iron Goddess, Earl Grey, Ceylon, Assam, Oolong, Genmaicha and Flower Green Teas bloom in front of our eyes to soothe your tea preferences.
they also serve bubble teas infused with fruits for the young market who are giving in to their tea cravings and promote tea to a healthy lifestyle. the teas are best consumed with scones or pasta especially made at THOUSAND TEAS.
and for a special gift this Christmas, you can also promote a good drinking lifestyle to your loved ones with the gift packages by THOUSAND TEAS. the Classic and Executive gift sets for only Php 600 and Php 900 for your tea parties.

Classic Tea Gift Set (Php 600)

Executive Tea Gift Set (Php 900)
you can visit THOUSAND TEAS, just below Mezza Residences located at Aurora Blvd. cor. G. Araneta Ave, Quezon City. or call for orders at 708-3919 or email visit also their website at
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