Sunday, September 16, 2012

McCafe treats

it was a different visit at McDonalds. i usually go there to get a cheeseburger meal and even order a happy meal to get that available toy. but this time, i ordered a Nutty Brazo slice and a Caramel bar at their McCafe section. each piece of dessert costs as low as Php 58 but guarantees to satisfy your sweet tooth.

the Caramel Bar is a soft cake topped with butter. this inch-high cake is not as sweet like other caramel bars or even their caramel sundae. what i love about it is the layer of butter that melts inside your mouth. it's chewy and a surprise of raisin bits invites you to have more.
the Nutty Brazo is still my favorite. unlike the usual Brazo de Mercedes from our local bakeshops, this brazo is not at all too sweet and you won't get tired of the taste. the soft texture of the brazo until it's cream inside is moist and very yummy. it also has little bits of chocolate chips. while outside of the brazo is a cinnamon covering with pieces of crushed nuts to get that crunch. at least you have something to chew on.
each dessert treat is Php 58 and perfect to match with coffee beverages. it's available at the McDonald's branch where the McCafe Bar is present.


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