Tuesday, August 28, 2012

epicurean with these cakes

thank you for these tiny gifts of moist and delicious cakes from the makers of Epicurean Cakes. in a generous serving of delight in simple cakes is a surprise to the eyes and pleasurable to our gastronomic desires.
born from the desire of baking and cooking, Epicurean Cakes are made to satisfy sweet cravings in the humility of the baker's home but assures its great taste from the first bite to the last. they come in different varieties like the best-selling Red Velvet Cake, O'Smores Overload, The Mad Rabbit, KitKat Choco Swirl and Campfire Madness. you'll fall in love with every bite especially with the special cream cheese topping on a Red Velvet Cake.

for only Php 35/pc, Epicurean Cakes are baked in the finest ingredients and in the most meticulous procedure, never compromising the taste and quality of each piece. pre-orders are also available for Php 50/pc for any occasion -- great for giveaways!
to know more about Epicurean Cakes and its products, find them on Facebook or you may contact them through the following:

Phone 0917.525.7207
Email epicureancakes@yahoo.com
Website http://epicureancakes.tumblr.com/


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