Wednesday, March 7, 2012

TERESITA's of San Fernando dishes

recently tried out Teresita's of San Fernando with its branch along Tomas Morato, Quezon City. this establishment is a child of the famous Razon's of Guagua -- the home of that very creamy and delicious halo-halo that makes everyone come back.
we ordered different rice meals. we had beef caldereta and kare-kare. i must say that that kare-kare is very nice even without the shrimp paste (alamang). and the other is the Pansit Palabok, another Razon specialty.

the beef caldereta, on the other hand, is spicy but just right. i ordered another cup of rice. but would you think that Php 20 is too much for like a 1/2 cup of rice? i think it's expensive.
anyway, there will still be room for dessert. we had halo-halo and green tea cake, but the cake isn't from Teresita's. if you want the special halo-halo, you'll get sweet jackfruit strips in the cold mix.
that was a very full lunch with friends. afterwards, you'll want to take a nap -- or even a full sleep. XD

the place will also provide you with information on the beginnings of Teresita's as a brand. you may want to read the short history posted in the wall.


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