Friday, March 9, 2012

food rush at Figaro

i was really hungry and i had to spend my last gift certificate at Figaro. since it is worth Php 500, i have to get the most out of it. i noticed that they have chillers for the summer. i got a Taro - Pudding Milk Shake that costs less than Php 90.
i also tried Pasta ala Carlo which is spaghettini in tuna tomato sauce. i love how the sauce was made. tuna sardines sauteed in its oil adding fresh tomato, herbs and top it with Parmesan and chili flakes filled my grumbling stomach.
i also liked their Caesar Salad. crisp greens with croutons and bacon balanced my diet. it was extra yummy with cheese and the heat of chili flakes. there was also this special sauce that added creamier taste to it.


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