Monday, February 14, 2011

C' Italia: è il posto da essere.

Mr. Sy told us of a place where celebrities spend their time when they are in Angeles, Pampanga. and we're lucky enough that we found that place just sitting near our hotel. and with a little drive, we found C' Italia Restaurant. you almost can't notice it with its gloomy exterior. just find the big "C" on the roof.

we almost can't get it because the place has been fully-reserved by night. and we have to check if there's available table for lunch. fortunately, there are a lot of spaces when we get in.

then going in feels like a dungeon but you will be surprised with the hanging plates. it's true that celebrities dive in this place for a good meal. known people in local politics and entertainment drop by to have a taste of their Italian food.

we ordered a roll-up pizza and pasta and we had our full. we also included some soup for warmth which complimented everything we had.

we cannot forget how we are delighted with the design of the place. there's an al fresco setting at the back of the restaurant. more Italian but very circus-y. however, the service takes long but the food is the best!

C' Italian Restaurant is also found on Friendship Highway near Clark Freeport Zone in Angeles City, Pampanga.
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