Wednesday, February 23, 2011


did you know that 7 out of 10 (70%) adults are experiencing body aging? it means that you are not as old as you think. moreover, you might be older than what you assume to be. in other words, your calendar age is not the same as your biological age. it is based on Youthopia Media Philippines, Inc. conducted the Body Age Test which is a special scientific evaluation to assess your Biological Age. this calculates your body's reaction to paced breathing and compares this with the predicted values taken from a large normative database.

these days, people are suffering from stress and other things in line with aging. wrong practices in taking care of the body, adding the vices which has an effect in your body. also, taking wrong supplements just to achieve the goal that they desire. people think that they're healthy but experts say that might be right until further tests are done.

i have tried the Body Age Test and i'm proud to share with you the results (hehe):

i have also assessed my lifestyle and the expert commended that i was doing a good job. but she advised me to improve my body through exercise (which i am missing now), drinking milk, and eat a good proportion of food.

and to keep a sound body and fighting the signs of body aging, Mead Johnson Nutrition (Philippines) Inc. launches a campaign. together with premier actor, Mr. Gabby Concepcion, they took the initiative to fight body aging. he said that maintaining a good and active lifestyle, eating healthy, visiting the doctor regularly, exercise and drinking Sustagen Premium with Multi-Defense System will help the body. he also encourages young people to follow his ways in taking care of the body. in his 40s, Mr. Concepcion still look the same when he was in his 20s.

to know more about fighting body aging, Mead Johnson invites all to visit for details.


  1. ayos! talagang may-i-picture the result! :p

  2. @ate Ruth: sana nga na-screencap ko yung result nun e. para mas mukhang kapani-paniwala. hehehe


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