Wednesday, July 15, 2009

UP Food Tour

they say that i am the sosy type. but i don't really have anything negative about street foods. you might even find me eating what was feared by some men, the balut. i might be standing in front of stalls in the streets eating fishballs, betamax, kikiam, isaw, etc. and when a fraction of the Menggays met, we decided to go to UP Diliman and ate those what i have enumerated.

the place is:
Mang Larry's Isawan, atbp.

UP students and alumni might be very familiar of the place, for i'm not from UP. but i guarantee you that the intestines and other internal parts are very well cleaned and cooked very well. i even ordered twice of IUD or bati-colon as some would call it. the price is really cheap so you can have more servings! after munching on the pig anatomy, a sip of soda will soothe your throat and stomach.
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