Monday, July 13, 2009

Are you a Krispy Kreme fan?

if you have been stopping by any Krispy Kreme outlets, spending almost all of your free time in it, together with your friends or simply by yourself, you have all their stuff, a closet full of Krispy Kreme doughnuts or even sleep on doughnut pillow, then maybe you're the one they are looking for!

Krispy Kreme is looking for their number one fan and for they are giving a special prize to the one who can prove himself or herself as the Krispy Kreme number 1 fan!

just simply send them a photo of your Krispy Kreme moment with a 72-word caption describing that you are their number 1 fan! upload it at and beat all the others who joined. hehe

the winner will have a chance to win a trip for two to the U.S., a year’s supply of doughnuts and a chance to design a special Krispy Kreme doughnut and have it named after you.

hurry! and collect as many pictures as you want a select the best Krispy Kreme moment. this contest is open from July 13 to September 30 only in part of their 72nd birthday celebration.

aside from the contest Krispy Kreme also has 3 big offers when you go to any Krispy Kreme store and availing any of these options for only Php 72!
  1. Original Glazed doughnut with medium Signature Coffee combo (choice of Smooth or Decaf), save Php24*
  2. A refreshing glass of Orange You Glad or Very Berry Chiller, save Php33** or
  3. Purchase a dozen doughnuts and get each novelty items for only Php72***
    1. An eco-friendly bag, save Php28
    2. Gift tin can, save Php72
    3. Kiddie Krispy Kreme Shirt, save Php213

Promo runs until August 30 only so be sure to pass by your nearest Krispy Kreme store to celebrate their 72nd birthday and make today special. See posters or visit for more details.


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