Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wendy's all-famous Salad Bar returns

It's  quite a long time when 90s kids waited for the return of Wendy's famous Salad Bar. And once again, I'm able to try it with just half the experience.

The Salad Bar costs P199 per serving but sadly, the bar is half empty so I just have to take what's left. Macaroni Salad, some shredded carrots, slices of tomatoes, cucumber and jellies. I am not so experienced with the Salad Bar so I ended up with this:
My attempt to the Wendy's Salad Bar
Many people are taking advantage of the Salad Bar because it's an art to craft a salad tower in a small plate, it's fresh and healthy, and it's delicious. If people can come back to the bar, they will. We will.

There are just 3 rules when availing the Wendy's Salad Bar:
1. Only one visit to the bar (So pile up the ingredients all at once.)
2. Do not spill over from the plate (I doubt if anyone has obeyed this)
3. Only for dine-in (Leaving some food behind is bad, remember there are other people hungrier than you are.)

Now go to your nearest Wendy's joint and grab a plate.


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