Sunday, October 26, 2014

cruising at Lilac St in Marikina

It was an afternoon food tripping with Ana and Mark, and I've finally got to stroll along the famous Lilac street in Marikina City. We hopped at 2 food stops and they were unlike any food stalls that I've eaten to. They are just along the street and easy to find.

We had our first bite at Burrito Brothers. The place was just right for upto 20 people in an al fresco setting. I ordered Chimichanga as I found it as a good Foursquare tip. So might as well try it.
The fried burrito filled with chicken, tomatoes and cheese (I think) and the best to eat it is with the salsa. Served in straw basket with a paper napkin that doesn't tear so you won't worry about the mess. Price: Php 105 -- not too pricey for a big and filling burrito. Plus, it is not too hot so you can enjoy the taste more.

For dessert, just walk around 40-50 steps to Pink Chiffon. A small apartment where every thing is pink - the walls, tables and ceiling. If you want a good dessert with relaxing environment and if you want to get the Hello Kitty feels, this is the place to hangout. They said that Piolo Pascual's favorite cake came from here.

I got Oreo Cheesecake and I'm almost speechless when I tried it. Worth the waiting time for a cupcake made of cream cheese on Oreo crust topped with cream. Best to taste it when cold and it's not too sweet. Price: Php 50.
I still have a lot to try at Lilac st. Got any suggestions?


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