Monday, August 5, 2013


it was just a small gathering with my former officemates, Joy, Tin, Ging and Jeff with some of their loved ones last Saturday. we chose to have a chitchat over dinner, with matching very extravagant entertainment at Movie Stars Cafe at Mall of Asia, By the Bay. the place was definitely get jam-packed as the evening gets deeper with every production number that comes in.
talking about the place, you'll find many celebrity memorabilia from Hollywood. from music, movies, to comics, they have it. posters as if "signed" by the celebrity themselves hold in the gallery of fame that circles all guests. more than that, you have screenings of any show, distributed throughout the space.
a huge investment on the fun factor for the guests is every production number that goes every 15 minutes. the staff cosplaying different characters like Spider-man, Transformers and more, and roaming around the visitors to have their pictures taken with them. a few moments and Barbie girls were out, and more... you'll be surprised on what the next production would look like.
the food is a mix of American, Italian and French. you'll have burgers, salads, pasta and cakes. best that we availed our food via group buying sites so i never bothered thinking how much will i eat. be there with an empty stomach because food is really heavy because of sausages, bread and pasta.

staff and crew are also very accommodating and you don't need to wait too long for them to attend your orders. they are very attentive if you need a drink or not. kudos to this restaurant for giving such a wonderful hospitality and ambiance to the guests.



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