Saturday, July 13, 2013

BREAD TALK: out of words

this will be the first time that i'll be writing about Bread Talk. that bread lover's haven that gives us a gallery of breads, from tasteful to artsy, you name it. i am really out of words in awe of the different types of bread inside the cozy and bright room.
Bloggers posing while inside Bread Talk
of course, the place is always neat as it should be. and that shows that their breads are fresh made and stored well, avoiding the contamination from environment. i mean, by the way they look, they won't last long on the shelves. you will be snapping a piece or two with their easy "serve-yourself" policy.
the large possibilities of making bread is unexpected in this store. for the first time, i already had my personal favorite. the Ube bun that oozes out purple yam jam in every bite of soft bread covering. i can eat up to 3 of those, non-stop.
other than the flavored breads, they also display bread art. sorry but the croc and birds are not edible.
the choices are endless, i'm sure. i'm really looking forward if they'll be offering many more bread flavors soon.


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