Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Spain -- very close to the hearts of every Filipino after spending 300 years of history under the Spanish rule. but aside from what's written in history, Spain has contributed in the culture that we had today. the dances, traditions and most especially, food. here's an example that we remember Spain, the Flamenco dance presented by Tablao Flamenco Group at one Shakey's Pizza restaurant.

and Shakey's Pizza, being the benchmark of any pizza place in the Philippines, is very much generous to take a piece of Spain in our tables. presenting the new Pizza Castellana.
why Castellana? the name was taken from a place located in Spain near Madrid. in tribute to this place, Shakey's Pizza launches the new premium flavor of its house pizzas to touch our palates. the rich taste of authentic Spanish Chorizo (with red onions, red pepper strips and cheddar cheese and pizza sauce over your choice of crust: hand-tossed or thin) is one good reason how this pizza gets to the array of premium flavors of Shakey's offerings. Castellana identifies itself as a place of good-taste and high-class. the Pizza Castellana adds to the range of continental flavors of Shakey's pizzas.

this pizza is best served hot. especially when you add hot sauce for some heat. and what i like it the most, is when you'll bite into crispy slices of Spanish Chorizo over thin crispy crust. and Shakey's guarantees you will get fresh pizzas everytime you visit them or even when you order for delivery. love and passion to good and satisfying cravings justifies its worth.
the Pizza Castellana would be available for a limited time for just about, 3 months for now. but it can stay in the menu like the other premium pizzas, Angus Steakhouse Pizza and Manager's Choice, etc. if you'll give them a thumbs up. the price is still very reasonable and again, it's really satisfying.
Manager's Choice
how to enjoy the new Pizza Castellana? you can order a whole family-size pizza or even convert one pizza of your Monster Deal order to it. mojos, crispy fried chicken and pasta are perfect partners to it.
and don't forget to have dessert after it. some Shakey's stores offer frozen yogurt for those who are watching their figures.
the new Shakey's Pizza Castellana will be in stores starting March 15. if you want to get updates on what's cooking at Shakey's restaurants, you may want to check their Facebook account: www.facebook.com/ShakeysPH. for delivery orders, you may call 77777. and remember, if it's late, it's FREE!


  1. I love this event! i guess the timing was the best. i have been craving for shakeys for the longest time, and my prayers were answered! nice to see you again bro!

  2. One of the best from Shakey's I gave them a review here: http://thedailykiosk.blogspot.com/2012/04/shakeys-pizza-castellana-spanish.html

    Guess what's the verdict?


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