Monday, March 5, 2012


you know i love sushi. especially dipping it in Kikkoman Soy Sauce mixed with a generous amount of wasabe that tingles the tongue and sets your nostrils on fire. that's how i love it. but what is more special than being served with fresh and yummy sushi is to pay it in half! and Tempura Japanese Grill is offering it and i don't even know it! you may observe that i don't usually go out to eat in fancy restaurants but i had an amazing time enjoying the promo.
i ordered a Mixed Sushi plate where it has 4 of each variety. so having 12 pieces of sushi is very good for paying just half the price. we were blessed to be there before the cut-off time. and since there's not a lot of people coming in, staying there for a while relaxed my tiring feet.

of course, warming up the tummy is another thing. i always order a bowl of miso soup to resist the cold atmosphere inside the restaurant.
the promo is still on. but from what i saw at the pictures, they only had it from February 1 - 29, 2012. aren't we glad that maybe they have extended it? try the nearest Tempura Japanese Grill nearest you.

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  1. Hi.. Im Rhea, the Marketing Manager of Tempura Japanese Grill.. thanks for the good review about our promo and the store as well... Im very glad to inform your that our 50% MARKDOWN is extended until March 31... :)

  2. @Rhea Vergara: Hi, Ms. Rhea. It is a pleasure that you've visited my blog. Yeah, I love sushi and places like Tempura Japanese Grill is heaven for me. Thank you for the heads up too that you're extending the promo. It's great news to my readers! :)


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