Wednesday, May 18, 2011


hunk actor Aljur Abrenica endorses the new innovation from the country's healthiest food manufacturing, Century Tuna. now unveiling the Century Tuna Hotdog, Aljur is not a baby anymore.

packed with Omega 3 and DHA, the new Century Tuna Hotdog is perfect for the fitness-conscious like Aljur to keep him fit and healthy. that's why he is so thankful for Century Tuna for choosing him as the new endorser.

with a good support, Century Tuna has been earned its name to be the healthiest food and enjoy the flavors of taste, guilt-free. kicking off fitness events like fun runs, modelling camps and competitions, the new Century Tuna Hotdog is a perfect snack for the Superbods.

trying out the new Century Tuna Hotdog, the taste comes close to the regular hotdog, but healthier. it fills you up fast so you can stop getting more -- that's controlling your food intake and still maintain your weight. also, it smells somehow like vienna sausage in cans.

taste the new Century Tuna Hotdogs available in leading supermarkets.

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  1. tuna hotdogs? wow...sounds good and healthy! :)


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