Friday, April 29, 2011


today will be the wedding day of Prince William and Kate Middleton. we wish them all the best including a happy family and ever-loving relationship.

as it is customary, wedding traditions will not be complete without the wedding cake. the cake is designed by Leicestershire-based cake designer Fiona Cairns as chosen by the couple.

photo by Press Association @ Flickr.
In addition, the couple have also asked McVitie's Cake Company to create a chocolate biscuit cake for the reception at Buckingham Palace. The chocolate biscuit cake will be made from a Royal Family recipe and was specially requested by Prince William.
i remember the cake from my friend's wedding in Boracay. it's not the usual cake, but instead, it's a three-layer stack of chocolate mousse in chocolate cups. the bride's mother, Malou Mariano, shared that making the cake took more than a week to prepare. and coating the cups with chocolate, both white and brown chocolate almost done in trial and error. fortunately, the cake was finished on time before the wedding.

the couple

the cake was frozen in the fridge before it was laid out for display. and it was decorated with real paradise flowers which joined in the line up of the floral design during the wedding. the best part of it is tasting it. a perfect gift from the mother to her bride daughter.


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