Tuesday, November 23, 2010

world's first and biggest BIBINGCREPE in Half Moon Asian Cafe

to celebrate its anniversary, Half Moon Asian Cafe delivers a new world record -- by giving us the first and biggest BIBINGCREPE! a twist in the famous Philippine delicacy, the bibingka, that's crunchy outside, but soft and moist inside. its variety, the BIBINGCRISP is a thinner and crunchier version of the bibingcrepe.

this baby is around 2 meters in diameter, about 6.28m in circumference. cooked in a customized pan with controlled and maintained heat to achieve the perfect bibingcrepe texture. it has 4 different flavors: plain, chocolate, corn and cheese. the whole bibingcrepe can be consumed by around 100 of people in one sitting.

to add more fun during the launch, participants are suggested to decorate their bibingcrepe. below are the designs during the competition:

and of course, what's more pleasurable than cutting of pieces of the giant bibingcrepe and take them home? guests gather around and sliced some of it before the day ended.

Half Moon Asian Cafe is located at 238 Tomas Morato Ext. corner Sct. Bayoran.


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