Saturday, November 20, 2010

get your CDO HOLIDAY HAM now!

anywhere in the world, the Christmas feast isn't complete until there's the lean ham. it may be roasted, broiled or even raw out of the package, it tastes just as good. for me, i like to make a healthy sandwich with lettuce leaves, mayo and tomatoes. but there's a lot of things we can do with the Christmas ham.

CDO is taking us the holidays again as it bring the CDO Holiday Ham. you are sure you're getting the best quality ham because it is packed with meat, and not much fat. also check that it's real. you can see the net markings on the skin of the ham. and when you heat the ham, the fats drip on the sides of the meat so the flavor is maintained in the ham itself. finally, CDO Holiday Ham has no extenders, so you are guaranteed that you are getting all meat. that's what celebrity chef Rob Pengson told us.


Chef Rob also shared to us one recipe you can do with CDO Holiday Ham. this is his Healthy Green Salad with CDO Holiday Ham.

you just need:
thin slices of CDO Holiday Ham
salad greens (lettuce or soft cabbages)
red cabbage for color
chopped dried cranberries
apple slices
vinegrette (balsamic vinegar and olive oil)

just mix all ingredients and enjoy. this is a healthy combination of meat and vegetables and more special with CDO Holiday Ham. it is already available in supermarkets so you can enjoy any recipe you like even if it's not Christmas yet.
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