Sunday, October 10, 2010

i am allergic to SHRIMP - - help!

lately i just discovered that i am allergic to shrimp. after eating in a buffet where they serve shrimps, not too long i just this itches that start from the head and then it will cover my entire body. just a very icky situation that i cannot stand when i get into meetings, events and other socials.

i tried taking in antibiotics but it only stops the itching for around 30mins. then i feel the itches again. then my officemate gave me Cetrizine HCL and it has been the most effective yet. i haven't consulted a doctor.

is there a way that i can grow over this? i miss eating shrimp and i am now complaining why in the world one of the most delicious foods is now the one i have to avoid. i am worried of the upcoming buffets and parties! help me please!


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