Saturday, September 25, 2010

unusual strawberry dishes

before i went to Baguio, the only recipes I know with strawberry are cakes, ice creams, and everything for dessert. and during my stay in Baguio, i learned that 2 usual dishes at home can be done with strawberries.

first is the Strawberry Taho. at home, the usual taho recipe is just soft warm bean curd with pearls and sugar syrup. but in Baguio, they have strawberry flavoring. that's why it also has a pinkish color.

another one is the sinigang with strawberry. it follows the traditional recipe of sinigang in any meat choice you like, whether beef or pork. and then pieces of whole strawberries. a warm treat of strawberry.

it's always nice to have new variations to food. i would like to try them sometime at home.


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