Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Japanese Lunch at Omakase

this is my first to get lunch out with my new officemates. at first i was hesitant to go because i may not bring good relationships with them. good thing my longtime friend, joy, was there and we are reunited as workmates. my new officemates are nice too and they have been accommodating and helpful with the tasks that i've been given. the road isn't that rough for me with them. *naks libre nyo ako!*

we headed to Omakase at Il Terrazzo in Tomas Morato in Quezon City. it serves Japanese dishes with a cool ambiance in the middle of busy, urban life. freshly cooked and prepared Japanese dishes will satisfy hungry and craving stomachs with mouth watering sushi and other yummy dishes.

we ordered a variant and we definitely are stuffed with the following dishes: soft shell crab, guyu chizu maki, uni tempura and 2 plates of deluxe party platters.

uni tempura and deluxe party platter

what's the rate? i rate this place good and the food is also good. the crew members are also nice and they are very accommodating. you are able to get your request right away. and with a relative time of preparation for the food, you are guaranteed with a nice serving.
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