Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Joey Pepperoni's Fondente Brownie ala Mode

last Saturday before watching the Premier D collection of the Philippine Fashion Week 2009, i went with a couple of friends, earth, jeff and jenn to Joey Pepperoni's branch at SM Mall of Asia. we only went there for dessert for we only gave company to jenn's friend who haven't eaten dinner yet.

for dessert, we had the Fondente Brownie ala Mode which is a square slice of brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and cherry drizzled with chocolate syrup. it really looks yummy and as expected for a food blogger, i take pictures of it:

before i'm done eating my brownie, one of my friends had something to say about it. she said that it has a little greasy taste which i find it odd when i took another taste. we didn't bother to call the manager maybe that's really the way they make their brownies. besides, what was more important to us is the moment that the four of us shared together.

but do you think we have to report it? or was it really the chocolate content of the brownie. some chocolates are greasy, right?

after that i got bored and managed to play with the chocolate syrup that's still on the plate. revealing my not-so-artistic side, i made a sun face:



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