Monday, May 11, 2009

Zenses Bar A.Venue

a place i've only visited last Friday is hitting the night life for 6 months now. Zenses Bar at A.Venue Makati is concocting super shots that will make temperature rise amidst the cold evening. they formulated on the Neo-Shanghai cuisine and not confining on what Shanghai cuisine as always been: traditional and old-style.

with the food preferences of Zenses Bar, you would expect the normal Chinese dishes, but they have reinvented and aligned their menu with the modern day and social setting. Johann and a partner from Hong Kong thought of this formula to jive in with the current lifestyle of the people.

great tasting food, comes complete with thirst quenching cocktails that are Zenses-original. two of which are the Ginger Beer and Sweater. Ginger Beer is of course, is a mixture of ginger ale and beer but it is sweet and the alcohol from the beer is lowered by the power of the ginger ale. so you can have as many servings as you want.

Sweater is just an experiment from the bartenders. but the owner swears that the first time he tried it, it really made him sweat. it is a mixture of tequila, absinthe and something else that Zenses keeps for itself. and instead of cooling it with ice, they serve it with liquid nitrogen that adds smoke to the concoction.

here is a video of Sweater:


so if you want to try the food and drinks of Zenses, they are located ground floor of A.Venue, Makati Ave., Makati City.


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