Monday, April 27, 2009


Tokyo Tokyo took me fishing at Trinoma for it's 24th birthday. why would i fish at Trinoma? but instead of fish, i caught large tiger prawns and i mean LARGE that they are so big, i took pictures of them. guess what, they even have names! one is named PRAWNis Hilton, lurking at the halls of Trinoma, sipping her frappe, and carrying a lot of luggage with her. the other is the very athletic, LePRAWN James, doing his basketball stuff and other huge activities. and what are these? commercial that are making a hit?!



it's good that Tokyo Tokyo and i caught them and immediately dip them into a batter, Tokyo Tokyo's secret recipe by the way, and deep fried them. now imagine i ate 2 large prawns, crispy on the outside and soft, chewy and yummy on the inside!

because Tokyo Tokyo is the leading Japanese fastfood chain in the country, it's best that it owns the tempura segment. adding that an incredible mix that will make the tempura a sure hit!


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