Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kainan sa Nayon: Sanitary Check

i was craving for Filipino food and i've glanced to Kainan sa Nayon located at SM Makati Food Court. i've been looking around and no doubt i see other better food chains that offer big, satisfying meals for my dinner. but for no reason i happen to stop there and ordered my food.

as i am waiting for my turn to be entertained, i observed the whole stall. yeah, it's bright, inviting, very appropriate Filipino setting. and the food is displayed in front of you telling, "Eat me!" a very wide variety of choices. the food is served hot, or either reheated for it was there staying... the whole day. i remember another customer who ordered Nilagang Baka (Poached Beef) noticed that the lady only put the soup on top of raw vegetables and haven't undergone proper reheating. immediately, the vendor went to the kitchen (which is seen from the counter) and reheated the food properly. it's nice that they've taken responsibility.

as i began taking pictures for everything that i post here, i haven't noticed till today that a ladle was swimming on the Guinataang Gulay. good thing that i never ordered that dish even if comes with a combo.

and with what are you going to pick it up? your BARE HANDS? i'm not really sure if you're sticking with your sanitary permits but you better be careful with what you serve your customers. oh, i think, WE should be the ones careful with what you serve!