Thursday, April 2, 2009

the halo-halo

everybody knows what a halo-halo is. it is a combination of fruits slices, sweet beans and other sweet stuff topped with ice shavings, leche flan and ube. adding evaporated milk will make it creamier.

the Filipinos always have a way of making their own halo-halo. expect it when summer comes, halo-halo businesses compete against each other in every street. but no matter how many ingredients you add on your halo-halo, you only have one thing in mind: to beat up the heat and get your tummy full.

i have been hearing a lot of things about this Razon's of Guagua's halo-halo. as i've known, this halo-halo doesn't have that much ingredients: macapuno and banana trimmings. a dash of cow's milk and top with leche flan then you're done! in one interview of the owner, it was noted from the grandmother's recipe that as you add more and more ingredients, the taste is compromised. a regular razon's halo halo costs Php 70. enjoy razon's halo halo at these branches.

there's DigMan which boasts about "sandosenang halo, sandosenang sarap". meaning 12 colorful and tasteful ingredients under the ice. generous scoops of beans, kaong, nata de coco, gulaman, langka, sago, rice crispies, topped with ube and leche flan is really mouth-watering.

the Chowking halo-halo impressed us all when they added scoops of ice cream on top that made it extra special.

nowadays, halo-halo comes in glass jars. you don't have to roam around the market buying bulky servings of halo halo ingredients. all you have to do is go to the supermarket and grab a jar then add ice and milk.

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  1. not much of a halo halo fan, but cravings come every now and then. i miss the digman halo halo...meron pa ba niyan till now?!?

  2. my mom also looks fir DigMan too. but i think there's only few stores left ata

  3. I've never heard of halo halo, but I do love learning about new foods. Thanks for visiting my recipe blog and yes, let's exchange links! I'm posting yours right now. :)

  4. that's cool PG. i strongly suggest you try this halo halo. best choice for summer!


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