Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome to Foodivities

we all love food and we all have favorites. but what's fun about food is that you can share it with everyone during a special occasion or maybe a simple gathering.

and everyone has a story to tell. a little chit chat with friends over cookies and tea will cheer them up; a kid learns to mix his pancake batter; a baby enjoys his nutritious baby food; a group talking about latest gossip at a party: everything is served with food.

but this blog has more than you can think of. it will not only give you reviews and recipes, but memories from childhood, special cooking skills, our original recipes or modified specials are great additions to the idea. this would also feature stuff about food unimaginable.

i thought of coming up with special categories here:
  1. Mom's Recipes - mom's secrets and procedures that taught me how to cook and appreciate food;
  2. Food Cravings - you want to request for a recipe? sure!
  3. Contributions - your food moments featured here;
  4. Reviews - books, magazines, shows;
  5. Kitchen Arena - techniques that you can use in the kitchen;
  6. Food Parade - parties and events announcements.
and some posts that will just pop out of my head. of course, you partygoers, i will also post some party tips and those cocktails that you are thinking about.

the world is full of food for our minds, so let's have a feast.



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