Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mom's Recipe: Rellenong Bangus (Stuffed Milkfish)

i learned how to cook it when mom went out for a school activity and i was left at home with the rest of the family. since i was the one with the passion in cooking, i was forced to do so. but mama asked me first of what do we want for lunch. i thought of cooking something very special and giving that much effort to it. then she said to cook Rellenong Bangus.

this is one of my favorites when i come to fiestas. the simple milkfish is given a twist and it's boneless so you never have to worry about getting pricked by those fish bones.
2 large milk fish (meat and bones taken out from the skin)
1 large potato
1 carrot
parsley, onions and garlic, minced
soy sauce
lemon juice
ground pepper
2 eggs
1 tbsp vegetable oil for sauteing
oil for deep-frying
  1. you can ask the fish vendor to take out the fish meat from the skin. and upon preparation, marinate the fish meat and skin in soy sauce and fresh lemon juice and leaving it for 30mins-1hour. overnight can achieve best-taste.
  2. saute onions, garlic and marinated fish (meat only). sprinkle ground pepper for taste then add the raisins, parsley, potato and carrot until cooked. set aside and allow to cool.
  3. when the fish is cooled down, take out the fish bones from the meat. hygiene is very important, so tweezers and gloves can be helpful. then add eggs in order to bind the mixture when deep-fried.
  4. stuff the mixture inside the fish skin and then sew to seal the opening. there's not a lot of skills needed for this, you just have to be extra careful not to prick yourself.
  5. deep-fry the whole fish until golden brown over high heat. once done, divide the fish diagonally for artistic presentation.
  6. best served with pickled papaya shredding and cucumber.
the excess saute mixture can also deep-fried as fish burgers as you add a little flour.

we really enjoyed our lunch that time.

photo credits: wilmack's flickr


  1. sarap nito! boneless bangus, marunong ka?

  2. hindi ako marunong mag-debone e. hehe... cguro pag daing yung luto. but in this case, taking the meat from the skin e hindi ko kaya.


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