Wednesday, April 1, 2009

CaliMak from Jumbo Japs

photo by: jenbaradas

the first time i tried eating sushi, i really loved it. especially when i added wasabe to japanese soy sauce. it's a great thing that there's a good food chain at Gateway Mall named Jumbo Japs that offers sushi, sashimi and gyudon meals that will satisfy my japanese cravings. like some food chains, Jumbo Japs presents a show on how to prepare my favorite California Maki.

in order to prepare the CaliMak you need:
1 cup cooked sushi rice
mango and cucumber - 1/4 inch julienne slices
crab sticks
seaweed nori
crab eggs
japanese mayonnaise
  1. on your seaweed nori, spread cooked sushi rice upto the edges. then turn it upside down.
  2. then lay out crab sticks, mango and cucumber with a dash of japanese mayonnaise.
  3. roll up the ingredients with your bamboo mat and make sure that it's secure and no ingredients are coming out. spread the tiny crab eggs at the rice covering.
  4. serve with wasabe and kikkoman soy sauce.
Jumbo Japs' service is fast and indeed very entertaining. you won't worry about hygiene because it is health inspected and the staff are in proper serving attire.



  1. Now you made me crave for sushi! I think I need to go out! Arggg what I have for dinner is Italian now I crave Japanese bad you! No I don't want to make it I just want to buy and eat! ahahaha!

  2. hehe... did i? it's not my fault. i really just love sushi!

  3. I tried Jumbo Japs wanton ata and cali maki once @ gateway mall.. meron b sila ibang branch?

  4. @mekinudols: i think there are. dko lang alam kung saan. hehe..


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