Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Making great sound and great food in Mayi's Kitchen

Three dishes came this afternoon as my good friend Ms Judy recommended a new place which cooks great food. I am so thankful to taste its best offerings, in time for a festive celebration today, Chinese New Year.  A box of Pork Belly and Chicken BBQ Cuapao, a tub of famous pancit and leche flan, all coming from Mayi's Kitchen to indulge during merienda.

I started with the Pork Belly Cuapao, a steamed bun with a warm and juicy pork belly that melts in my mouth. It has crushed peanuts that add earthy flavor and texture that makes it more exciting and some fresh leaves for a clean taste. With the Chicken BBQ Cuapao, they are definitely a good comfort snack.


Mayi's famous pancit is not just some stir-fried sotanghon that your titas and lolas make. The less greasy noodles are made even more special sauteed with crunchy snow peas (sitsaro), bagnet and black fungus create an exciting medley in the mouth with their different taste and texture profiles.


Of course we should end with a good dessert and Mayi's leche flan is a must-try. The soft and well-beaten flan drenched in caramel sauce is irresistible.

Mayi's Kitchen started 2 years ago by Marielle "Mayi" Mamaclay, a professional singer from Vega Entertainment Productions. Since it's almost 2 years in the pandemic, she's one of the many people have discovered new passions and skills to be able to survive while locked down in our homes. With her Manager, Charie Vega and her other Tita, they decided to try out doing a home based food delivery service within the village where they live. They started out with Mayi’s decadent chocolate cake and chicken bbq and, when they were getting more customers within and outside the village, they started adding more home cooked meals to the menu like the best-selling Cuapaos and the Mayi’s Kitchen Special Pancit, which made them where they are to this date.

Mayi is the 2010 Grand Champion Performer of the World and Grand Vocalist of the world at the World Championships of Performing Arts held in Hollywood, California, USA. She is also part of the vocal group 5thGen and has been mentoring delegates for the Euro Talent Festival, a talent competition held in 5 different European countries. Pre-pandemic, Mayi was one of the lead singers of the shows “Iconic 80’s” and “Motown” at the Grand Bar of Resorts World Manila.

I'm glad to find out that Mayi's Kitchen also cater to virtual events, provide corporate meal packages, arrange meals of those who are sick and can’t take care of their daily meals and feed families in Manila of our OFWs from all over the world. I immediately followed them on their Instagram @mayiskitchen_.

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