Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chowking's Fish Fillet Lauriat

having a dinner isn't so bad when i dropped by at Chowking, Phase 1, Sta. Lucia Mall. i have been eating there for years and they still manage to have a good reputation. it didn't take long for my order to come and it came fresh and hot!

the star for today is the Crispy Fish Fillet Lauriat. a special combo of our favorite Chinese delicacies in one plate. served with hot steamy rice, the lauriat is one filling platter for gullible stomachs without compromising on the taste.

a right serving of deep-fried, crispy breaded fish fillets combined with a mayo dip comes as a good viand for your rice. it is done just right and may push you to order on a separate plate.

a single fried pork dumpling isn't so bad. if you're tired on munching to soft stuff, try the crispy one.

Chicharrap chips served with spicy vinegar adds a twist on the other things on the plate.

a Chowking lauriat would not be complete without their famous Pancit Canton that brings us long life in Chinese tradition. it has a special sauce with crunchy vegetable cuttings that makes it very healthy and yummy.

and to finish it all off, a humble siopao with a chocolate filling will neutralize the salty taste of the other elements. a bite will squeeze off chocolate filling that will ooze to the side of your lips and give that heavenly feeling.

you can ask for extra soup too.

photo provided by: Chowking.com


  1. Yoko na na kumain sa Chowking!
    Dapat ba tLga may wire sa wanton NoodLes???

  2. Yoko na kumain sa Chowking!
    Dapat ba tLga may wire sa Wanton NoodLes???

  3. that's a sad experience for you, Monique. pero for my experience, wala pa namang ngyayari sakin na ganyan. i hope that Chowking branch may be extra careful

  4. money. If they're a more youthful teenager, they most very likely have an allowance that they'll element with quite reluctantly. If they possess a job, they'll know the worth of bucks and they'll devote wisely.

  5. what fish does chowking use on their fillet, is it cream dory?


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