Monday, October 26, 2015

Is McDo doing its own ad-serye?

Well, maybe yes. Just this afternoon while watching Eat Bulaga, we are all shocked at a new ALDUB commercial that aired. We still had a bit of hangover from last Saturday's Tamang Panahon  when Alden and Maine finally meet and knew each other better. It's more kilig because they finally got, not just touch, but to hug each other and talked about their feelings on stage at the Philippine Arena. ALDUB Nation is definitely rejoicing and hoping that this love team would soon be a reality. No pressure, Alden and Maine. ;)
Going back to the advertisement, McDonalds still didn't forget the roots of ALDUB, adapting another song from VST & Company, Paniwalaan Mo.

Their first McDonald's commercial only featured the Chicken Fillet ala King, also known as the ALDUB meal which is Php59 per order. Now a 1-pc Chicken McSavers meal is also included for this promotion.
Alden Richards with McDonald's Chicken Fillet ala King
Maine Mendoza with Chicken McSavers Meal
The ad came more exciting when it already featured the three lovable Lolas: Nidora, Tidora and Tinidora, played by JoWaPao (Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola and Paolo Ballesteros).

Unfortunately, Maine and Alden do not seem to meet but instead, they got closer as the two already had photos of each other in their wallet and locket. Watch the full version of the ad below:

Balikan ang kilig ng kahapon. Ang sarap MAINE-love kapag ikaw DEN ang laman ng isip niya. Alden, Yaya and some senior citizens say #ALDUBKoTo for Chicken McSavers!
Posted by McDonald's on Sunday, October 25, 2015
In a marketing perspective, McDonalds still do not fail to reach to the broad target market, the young and the old with their ads. We've been emotionally attached with the story of the #KalyeSerye which also caters to the broad audience. Now the question is, when will the two have their date at McDonald's? Will they both bite on the same hamburger? I am now expecting a part 3 of this ad series and we hope it will come very, very soon.


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