Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fast food summer desserts in the Philippines

Though the weather department doesn't officially announce summer, I can already feel the heat and it makes me crave for cold desserts. Good thing that there are available fast food chains around and all I have to do is to satisfy my cravings to beat the heat. I found 3 items from 3 famous food chains of the Philippines and are new experiments of the traditional items that we all love: ICE CREAM and HALO-HALO.

Now I would like to share to you (in case you haven't tried them yet) my opinions on these three desserts. First, I tried them because of the inviting food styling visuals that are presented at their counters.
Mang Inasal's Crema De Leche
Topping ice shavings, this babe puts sweetened bananas, macapuno strips and leche flan. Drizzled with milk. Each piece is soft, chewy and just the right sweetness that's why I loved it. Though it would be better if you mix it well first before you indulge. The leche flan is very delicious, probably made with just egg yolks that's why it tastes very special.
Tokyo Tokyo's Salted Caramel Snow Ice
Tried the Nutty Caramel variant. The ice shavings are so fine that you can almost feel like it's ice cream. It is also like the ice is made up of caramel already before serving. Who knows but the kitchen crew right?
Jollibee's Reese's Mix-ins 
Tried this because I just love Reese's. Only topped on your regular vanilla ice cream.

So what have you tried this summer?
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  1. Haven't tried Crema de Leche yet. Matikman nga... Thanks for sharing, Ohmski! :D


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