Friday, July 11, 2014

the luxury life with Hansel Premium

Do you remember having Hansel cookies as your baon for school? I did. With one third of my lifetime munching on those crunchy soft biscuits with the yummy filling, I am happy to say and taste again the same goodness with Hansel Premium. Not very new in the market but I must share this to you since it is very delightful especially with the newest variant, Hansel Premium. It was a very privileged morning with the officers of Republic Biscuits Corporation (REBISCO), the makers of one of my favorite snack partners.
A little chitchat inside a Hummer limo, a first time for me, made me feel the premium experience with some of my friends and the people from Rebisco. We had a little nostalgia at the tour and how we really loved this snack. In fact, all of us grew up with it.
It was such a fun experience just how we enjoyed Hansel Premium products which are available in Peanut Butter, Mocha and Cheese flavors. We reached our destination and we had our own photo ops with the Hansel Limo.
If you want to experience Hansel Premium's luxurious taste, which is better with coffee by the way, reach to your favorite supermarkets and get it for only Php 44. Enjoy!

I also invite you to follow the social media accounts of Hansel Premium just LIKE and FOLLOW them on Facebook and Twitter and indulge in their nice photos. They are actually dreamy and yummy.


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